Great story from a student who took the University of Victoria TEFL program in 2013

Great story from a student who took the University of Victoria TEFL program in 2013:

Becoming trained in teaching English gave me more than I bargained for.  I discovered that having the skills to teach people English, is like having a golden key – that they can use.

 The UVic course directed my thinking to the millions of people around the world whose lives are destined along a course on which they are trapped.  For many of these trapped people, communication skills in the English language is like the off ramp from the path of servitude.

As a direct result of the training at Uvic I went to Samoa to teach English.  In Samoa, I met young women who were culturally destined for a life of servitude.  There, I came to the stark realization that communication skills in English simply gives these young women more life choices  - affecting both their families and their wider communities.

The excellent training at UVic goes beyond formal education; it connects one’s heart, with the hearts and minds of people whom we would otherwise, never meet.  It is the teaching style in the classes at UVic that make this happen.

Our teachers encouraged a wide range of student voices to be respectfully heard.  Consequently, our time as students together was greatly enriched by the insight and cumulative wisdom of the class members.  I thank our teachers for facilitating this style of learning.  It worked very well indeed.

In my experience, teaching English in an impoverished cultural setting, is very gratifying.  I am very glad that I did the UVic TEFL training.  I would strongly recommend it as a work route, and as a vehicle for one’s life-purpose.

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