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Top 50 ESL Activities Superlist by Jackie Bowlen

Looking for ideas for your ESL / ELL class? Then you need to check out this great list of activities on MY LIFE! TEACHING IN A KOREAN UNIVERSITY by Jackie Bowlen.

Fun Ways to Teach Writing to English Language Learners

Fun Ways to Teach Writing to English Language Learners

Over my time in the ESL / ELL industry, I've heard many teachers complain about teaching their students how to write. To me, this always surprised me as teaching writing was something that I really enjoyed. A lot of people think that it's boring, or hard to evaluate or limited in what you can do with your students. This blog entry will hopefully show that teaching writing doesn't have to be these things. Teaching writing to your students can be fun and a rewarding experience for you and your students.

Think outside the box
A lot of people who teach writing only pay attention to the fundamentals of learning how to write and use traditional writing lessons / activities in class. They start teaching writing in a very systematic process. Sentence structure - paragraph structure - essay structure...with some grammar and punctuation lessons in the middle. Of course, these skills are important, but the process that students le…

Travel and Make Money: A Gap Year Teaching Abroad by Anje Rautenbach


I came across this helpful article the other day, so I thought I would share it with my blog audience. In it Anje summarizing the jobs that are available in some of the most popular places to go teach English and also supplies some general information on the requirements to go teach abroad.

I also like this article because Anje does a good job presenting the benefits of going abroad and discredits some of the outdated stereotypes about the people that do choose to teach English in a foreign country.

If you're thinking or planning to go teach English abroad for a year or longer, I highly recommend reading this article.

Teaching English in Thailand - What you need to know

I love Thailand. Although I haven't had the chance to teach English there yet, I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful country a couple times when I lived in Korea. With it's rich culture, friendly people, amazing food and breathtaking scenery, it's no wonder why this country is such an attractive place to live and teach. In this blog, I'll want to discuss somethings you need to know if you want to teach there. Much of this info comes from my friends who taught there and passed on their experiences with me, and my own research, as a couple years ago I had seriously considering going there to teach.

To teach in Thailand, you must have completed a university degree, and although not necessary for all jobs, a TEFL or TESL certificate or diploma is highly recommended (For reasons why you should take a TEFL program read this entry). Past teaching experience is not necessary as well, but very beneficial if you have it. If you want to teach at a university in Th…

What to bring to your teaching job abroad

Of course there are many variables that will affect what you need to bring when teaching abroad (i.e. weather, culture, length of time you'll be gone, etc) but in this entry I want to tell you about some essentials that you should bring with you, no matter where you go. My reason for this entry: I was at the airport the other day picking up some teachers from Japan, and I was shocked by the amount of stuff they brought with them(and they were only coming to Canada for 4 weeks). You'll be thankful for this list after you get off your 12 hour flight and have to take public transit to get to your new home.

Things to bring

Unlocked Cell Phone - When you move to a new country you'll have to get a new SIM card to use that phone abroad

Medicine - If you have specific medicine that you need while abroad, bring it with you. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get it where you are going

Work Clothes - Good to ask about the dress code at your new school before you go

Versatile …