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Preparing for a English Teacher Interview

Whether you want to go abroad to teach English or you wish to stay in your home country and teach English, chances are you will need to have an interview. In this week's blog, I'm going to talk about how you can prepare yourself for the interview to greater your chances of landing the job. As someone, who has had several teacher interviews and had given countless interviews to hopeful teachers, I will give you my personal opinions and advice on the interview process.

First and most important: Plan to prepare. I have met so many people who don't do anything to get ready for an interview, and have interviewed many people who clearly didn't prepare for their interview, and I will tell you this could be the single greatest mistake interviewees make. In order to get jobs anywhere in any field, you must be willing to put in the extra effort before you go to your interview, because everyone else who has applied for that job already has.

Step Two: Do Some Research
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Should I become a TEFL teacher?

Not sure if you should take a TEFL course and teach abroad? Maybe checking out this article from The Guardian will help you decide.

And then check out:

How to find a recruiter you can trust

For most people who are choosing to teach English in a foreign country, one of the first steps in going abroad is reaching out to a teacher recruitment company to help them find a job. To do this, people usually begin by searching the internet for a recruiter who has connections in the country they wish to teach in. The problem though, is there is literally thousands of recruitment companies online, and sadly most do not have your interests in mind when finding a teaching opportunity for you. You see, the teacher recruitment business is very profitable and very competitive. Instead of looking for a job that fits your needs and wants, many recruitment companies will be looking for schools that will pay them the highest commission rates for supplying their school with English teachers. So knowing this, how do you find a recruitment company that you can trust and what steps should you take to ensure you receive the best treatment possible. In this blog entry, I will give you some sugges…

7 Places to Teach English Abroad

Each year, thousands of people go overseas for a variety reasons: to learn about a new culture, make some money to travel, seek adventure, or just experience something new.
As you know, I have spent time teaching English in Korea, Ghana and Canada. The time I spent teaching English was life changing. In South Korea, I learned that I could make friends and start a life in a strange place, as well as adapt and thrive in a different culture. It gave me a confidence that nothing else before it had.
With so many places to teach English, where is the best place for you to go? What countries provide the best experience, pay, or benefits? Here’s my list suggestions that could lead to a great job abroad.
Of course your options get a whole lot greater if you obtain a TEFL certificate, or have relevant teaching experience.
South Korea — South Korea is one of the best places to teach English. There are many jobs, the pay is good ($2,000–4,000 USD per month), and you get good benefits, like a cont…

When should I go teach abroad?

A question that I often hear from people who are considering to take a TEFL program like the one we offer here at UVic, is "when is the right time for me to teach abroad"? Unfortunately (and fortunately) there isn't one best answer that I can give to this question. In my opinion, there isn't one specific time when people should go abroad, but instead I feel like you can really go teach abroad at anytime in your life.

In my case, the first time I went abroad to Ghana to teach English, I was in the middle of my Bachelor of Arts degree and thought that teaching abroad would be an exciting adventure that could also help me to gain acceptance in the Education program I was going to apply to. The second time I went abroad I had finished my Bachelor of Education degree and taught in public schools for a couple years. I decided that I wasn't ready to be tied to one job for a long time, and instead I wanted to see the world. I also have a goal one day to teach English ag…