One week back...

Well, it has been about a week at my new subbing gig as an ESL teacher at the Canadian Language Learning College in Halifax. I have to say I was definitely a little nervous to be teaching again, but those feeling quickly disappeared as I stood in front of my class. As many experienced teachers can tell you, it's amazing how quickly your teaching instincts and skills come back to you when your put in this type of situation, and it happened to me as well...It's truly like riding a bicycle again.

I'm currently covering for one teacher who is away for a couple weeks, and by far his most interesting class to me has been his short story elective that runs in the afternoon. Basically, I choose a short story prior to the class, then we (myself and an advanced level class) read the story together and work on vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, etc. I've never taught a class focused solely on short stories, so I'm really enjoying it. It also helps that the students have been great and show a real interest in improving their English. I would love it if anyone reading this blog entry had any suggestions for great short stories that I can bring into this class this upcoming week. 

Another really cool experience that I had at CLLC during my first week is attending the weekly graduation ceremony that the school hosts every Friday. Each of the graduating students is called up to the stage and the teacher gives a brief summary/speech about the student. The student then gets to address all the students and teachers in attendance to share his/her feelings about their time at CLLC and the next steps in their lives. It was actually quite emotional for the students, and even some of the tears had a tear or two in their eyes for the departing students. I think this is a great way to cap off a memorable time in these students' lives.

As much as it has been great teaching at this school though.....I've just been offered a position to teach English for Academic Purposes at Dalhousie University here in Halifax for the fall semester. I wasn't sure how long I'd be teaching this time around, but it looks like for at least the next 3 months. My goal is to keep writing about my experience as a teacher again and hopefully provide some advice to new teachers as I go. Please leave me a comment below about this entry or any advice you may have for me as I start my teaching career again.


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